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Rooms of the world: Moroccan-style rooms

In England we tend to keep bedrooms to a conservative white or magnolia.

Recently HMO landlords have been a little more daring by adding feature walls in shades of grey, brick-like wallpapers etc... and kudos to us for doing that!

However there is a world of beautiful rooms that can really help us take the inspiration further! Here we start with moroccan rooms

Morrocan bedroom style is characterised by warm colours, intricate geometric designs and arabesques.

You can inspire yourself from it by adding bold warm colours to your room. It does not have to always be in the walls, the accent cushions and rugs can do very well.

If it is a spacious room, try to add a sofa that is a very warm orange or velvety turquoise. The curtains or blinds can also bring warmth and decadence to the room.

Another trick that works a charm is to paint the ceiling a cosy colours and put golden/copper lighting to create a feeling of luxury whilst breaking the dark hue with some vivid metallic brightness. It will make the room feel soo cosy and irresistible.

The popular bohemian aka boho chic style is inspired a lot from Morrocan colours and lavish design. Do not hesitate to play and be bold with the ceiling, colours and the patterns, specially in cushions, rugs and accents - they are easily changeable if you decide to give the room another feel a couple of years down the line. Getting your room rented a couple of weeks sooner at a higher rate will be worth more than the extra few pounds spent on upgrading your room. It is a savvy investment.

A simple interpretation in a modern plain HMO room can look like this:

Post pictures of your interpretation of the moroccan style and what difference it's made in renting your room faster!

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