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3 basic rules for any HMO rooms

You would be surprised how many landlords do not follow #3

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Rule #1: Make sure the room is spotless.

The majority of your tenants will leave a bit in a hurry. Think about the last time you moved, most likely you underestimated the amount of things to pack, load on the van and maybe even the time it would take to clean or fix potential minor damages to the place yourself. It doesn't matter whether you are moving from mansion or a small bedroom, we typically underestimate and end up rushing and stressing. So the chances that the room was left spotless is small.

Even so, if your room has been vacant for a while, dust settles and a room that was once clean, 3 weeks later is not so fresh anymore. If that is the case, make sure you arrive 15min before your viewer, always have cleaning products in your car so you can quickly dust-off the place before they arrive 

Rule #2: Make sure the room looks homely

I am a fan of the 'Million Dollar Listing' series and countless time the first advice they give to sellers is to stage the property. The producers then follow by showing us the before/after shoots and you always do a mental woooo-waaaaa... when you see the drastic difference. Even if the property is brand new, modern and spotless, you cannot compare a staged unit to a bare unit, in terms of impact on the viewer. You are exactly in the same situation, You are SELLING the room to the applicant; trying to get them to buy your a tenancy on the room. Staging allows them to see how lovely, arm and welcoming the place can be. It is in a way, the room giving a warm hug to the viewer; suddenly your chances for them to a.remember your room and b.take it has just gone multiplied exponentially

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Rule #3: Make sure the room smells nice

Consciously or unconsciously your viewer brain is taking in all the information through their 5 senses, not just the eyes! Does the bed feels soft, are the colours inviting, do I hear peace or noice, how does it smell..? A fresh, clean scent in the room reinforces that this is a welcoming, clean place to live and when you compare their experience to other box standard in and out viewings - what are the chances that yours stood out?

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