• Stage your HMO Rooms. Stand Out.

  • WHY stage your vacant room?

    Generate more interest

    Better pictures means more interest in your ads and more viewings enquiries

    Attract a better profile of tenants

    Tenants who can afford and are looking for a good home rather than just a cheap room will pay more attention to your ad as it screams 'quality living'

    Cut down wasted time on pointless viewings

    No matter how many viewings you schedule, if the room does not get the thumbs up when they see it, you have wasted your time.

    Rent faster

    With a staged room you help viewers picture what they are looking for: an attractive and cosy place

  • What others say..


    'Every week that your room stays empty, you are losing income by the day and potentially wasting time holding countless viewings. You might end up reducing your rent or even worse, taking on a sub-standard tenant just to fill that room.

    The question is not whether you can afford to sign-up to Rooms Stagers but rather whether you can afford not to...'

    Vincent P., HMO Lettings Agency Director


  • How It Works

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    We call you to schedule your staging


    We stage the rooms

    We stage the room, ready to boost your viewings

  • Staging Packages

    Choose your staging package and we do the rest

    Stand-Out Staging

    £65/ room

    Full bedroom staging with:

    + White bedding

    + Duvet

    + 2 Pillows

    + 1 Bedspread

    + 2 Accent cushions

    + 1 Decorative item (picture frame, artificial plant...)



    + 30-day rental included. £35 per month thereafter




    + Staging items collection for FREE once the room is rented


    High-End Staging

    £80/ room

    Full bedroom staging with:

    + White bedding

    + Duvet

    + 4 Pillows

    + 2 Bedspreads

    + 3 Accent cushions

    + 2 Decorative items (picture frame, artificial plant...)

    + Room freshening scent


    + 30-day rental included. £35 per month thereafter




    + Staging items collection for FREE once the room is rented


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    In England we tend to keep bedrooms to a conservative white or magnolia. Recently HMO landlords have been a little more daring by adding feature walls in shades of grey, brick-like wallpapers etc... and kudos to us for doing that! However there is a world of beautiful rooms that can really help...
    February 17, 2019 · rules,staging,landlords
    Rule #1: Make sure the room is spotless. The majority of your tenants will leave a bit in a hurry. Think about the last time you moved, most likely you underestimated the amount of things to pack, load on the van and maybe even the time it would take to clean or fix potential minor damages to the...

    Beat the Tenant fee ban & increase customer happiness


    In a competitive market, offer a new solution to your landlords that helps you fill-out rooms more quickly. Improve client satisfaction whilst we do all the heavy lifting for you and pay you a commission


    White-label service

    Add HMO Room Staging to your letting agency services overnight. Rebrand our services under your agency name and invoice your landlords directly whilst outsourcing the work to us.


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